Sony and the movie industry


I’m not a blogger so if anyone reads this sorry in advance. I mainly just wanted to get some thoughts down that have been running through my mind lately.
The whole Sony, The Interview thing. It was disgraceful that they would fold because of internet threats. I realize that the internet is powerful nowadays but to fold because a hacker posted some embarrassing things is just ridiculous. Yes I realize that the hackers made threats about bombing but that’s when you go to the government. They are terrorists and when did we start folding to them?
That is if all of this wasn’t some big publicity stunt. If it was it’s shameful. I never really thought it was until all of a sudden Sony decides it is releasing the movie. I don’t think the threats that were made should be ignored if they were true, not that they ever should have pulled the movie. Maybe released it to fewer theaters and have police or government presence just in case.
My other complaint about the movie industry in general is that they choose to shoot out of the country. Yes sometimes you want the authentic landscape for your film. But set dressers can do amazing things to make backgrounds look authentic. The whole reason films choose to go out of the country is tax breaks. They can make a film for half the price out of the states. Why can’t we offer these breaks and keep the films in America? It would help the economy and you would see more of the country represented on film. The film industry has a bloated idea of what things cost to begin with. And the majority of the cost is actors salaries. I love film and we have some amazing actors, but they still don’t deserve multi million dollars contracts on films.